Saturday, February 06, 2010

you know those friends on facebook that you awkwardly fell out of touch with & how they have an "unemployment" FB photo album?

and how all the photos are of them at shows and going out to eat?

and how come my unemployment album would have just been the below picture over and over again?

because life is not fair. and now you know why you fell out of touch. BUT besides that-- Jim posted about German band the Jeans Team and I love this song now.


Jim said...

Yay, one of my randomly posting a press release posts turned out well :)
Is there a lot of competition to be the #1 vodka in Wisconsin?

b said...

hahah, i have no idea? i have to imagine they've got a lot of vodka up there (it's cold!)

but they sell fleischmann's in NYC, used to have it around the corner from us for $13 for a fifth. fleischman's is pretty bad, so i can't imagine it's any better in wisconsin.

though it's not as bad as the handle i bought for $13 from astor wine & liquor-- can't remember what it was called. that stuff was evil. i think i poured out the last inch or so. it was shit.


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