Thursday, February 11, 2010

these hip kids.

open letter to parent of preschooler ("pre-kindergartener") at elite nondenominational prep school:

dear parent. why are you dressing your child in a RUN DMC shirt and green black & yellow Adidas? are you making a statement? a joke? a clever pop culture reference? perhaps you should explain and describe it to your child before you send him & his nanny off in the morning. yours, b.


also, i had entertained the notion of going to see the "who shot rock n roll" exhibit but after flipping through the accompanying coffee table book at the above mentioned family's apartment and coming across a picture of kurt cobain paired with a description that ran something to the effect of "the tears on kurt's face that night are now the tears of his fans who miss him," i think i will pass. anyway, it's probably ended already.

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