Saturday, February 13, 2010

au revoir, ma vie en rose, au revoir.

It appears I have been living in a fairytale world where I thought "Wig Wam Bam" was written Gavin Friday for the film Breakfast on Pluto, which features the song on its soundtrack, as well as part of its plot, sorta. So I could say stuff like, See how good this film is, it even has good original songs, go see it! etc. Liam Neeson wheee gays. Though in my defense nobody ever corrected me, so I feel a bit better. Though then comes the argument that I "should have" known-- but no, I shouldn't have. I found out when the time came to find out zen blah blah bullshit.

So yeah, it's a Sweet song. Which brings my knowledge of Sweet songs up to four-- don't get me wrong, I have always loved "Blockbuster" and "Ballroom Blitz" and that "Fox on the Run" song like everyone in the world, but I had never really bothered to look further into them, which I am rectifying now. Okay, now J. just said, "Yeah, I knew. I didn't think you cared." yesicare.

Anyway, I still like the Gavin Friday's version more-- it's more. . . better. Anyway, you can listen to the film version after the jump. And while Cillian Murphy is rather good looking, this kid's video makes me feel a creepy stalker if I keep it up on my screen, so there's your warning because it's the only copy I can find. (At least it's not anime characters.) Continue reading!


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