Tuesday, February 02, 2010

so here's my problem with the new apple thing. & then that's it.

Everyone is pointing out that it does exactly what their other products already do without bringing anything new to the table. And it's true. It's like the lame space in the venn diagram that's supposed to be so goddamn special because it represents the overlap, the coming together, unity, hippie bullshit like that. But the biggest problem is that the product will convince people that they actually need something that occupies that space in addition to what they already have (an iPhone, an iPod, a Mac book.) The iPhone convinced people they "needed" something they could watch YouTube clips on-- wherever you are! You don't. No you don't you piece of shit watching motherfucking YouTube videos at the bookstore where I am trying to motherfucking read a motherfucking book.

[I'm just a grouch. I fucked up my haircut/trim (that I was cutting behind my head, where I can't see) and now I'm pretty sure I look like a dyke from San Antonio. Who knew my hair would stick up like that? Nobody around to fix it for me til tomorrow. I guess I can go out in public and see what it's like to be part of another persecuted minority group. Gee.]

If I ever get a tablet, I want it to replace my computer. I don't mind a plug-in keyboard but I need a keyboard. I like the physical pounding of it, I like that it's on my desk and I have to go to it and use it. I have no interest in handwriting things on a screen. That iPad thing needs a camera, too, or else what's the point of the portability? (Though we all know that's coming in 4 months after everyone has bought the other one.) That was one of the things I liked about the Windows one, it showed a "designer" taking a picture of swatches and being able to archive it for reference. I need to be convinced that these machines are helpful in professional or practical settings. All I see now is luxury. (Though THIS is what I really want.)


Northern Jon said...

I don't even have a mobile phone...

b said...

i have one, and i do appreciate it-- especially for work-- but i don't have any apps or games or music on it. it can call, it can text, i can take tiny pictures, and that's it. oh, and it is my alarm clock. i'm pretty dependent on it, and i can't imagine how much more difficult things would be without it, but i am definitely always impressed when people don't have one. sometimes it's nice not to be in reach constantly.

i also fucking hate it when somebody has no idea about phone etiquette, like they text during conversations or at dinner or something. i think proper behavior has not caught up to new technology, and i think it actually is causing a problem. being connected all the time (ie, cell phones) seems to have made people more rude, less responsible, and much more flakey. that might just be the people i know from school and around here, though, which is a likelihood.

aaah cellphone rant.


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