Monday, February 01, 2010

man john le carre might want to eat my lunch for breakfast cos I'm 'merican but do I ever love this shit:

"The summons came to Smiley that same night, and it is a curious fact, since he had an overall impression of not sleeping at all well during this late period of his life, that the phone had to ring a long time beside the bed before he answered it. He had come home straight from the library, then dined poorly at an Italian restuarant in Kings Road, taking the Voyages of Olearius with him for protection. He had returned to his house in Bywater Street and resumed work on his monograph with the devotion of a man who had nothing else to do. After a couple of hours he had opened a bottle of red Burgundy and drunk half of it, listening to a poor play on the radio. Then dozed, wrestling with troubled dreams. Yet the moment he heard Lacon's voice, he had the feeling of being hauled from a warm and treasured place, where he wished to remain undisturbed for ever. Also, though in fact he was moving swiftly, he had the sensation of taking a long time to dress; and he wondered whether that was what old men did when they heard about a death" [Smiley's People by John LeCarre].


C said...

heehee I watched the 1st ep of Tinker Tailor on youtube when I was procrastinating yesterday.... :)

b said...

yay! yeah i think on saturday i'm gonna hunker down and watch a few hours of smiley's people :D


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