Monday, February 08, 2010

fuck you bob marley.

It's been awhile since I last mentioned Bob Marley. I stated that I was moderate on him. I mean we all liked him in high school, right? And then we discovered real reggae, right? And then we realized that not everybody had and that people keep listening to him all throughout college, really loudly, and after college, really loudly, like the fucking Dominican woman on the 1st floor who listens to Bob Marley (and U2) so loud I can hear it all the way on the fifth floor.

So I now hate Bob Marley. And to make matters worse-- notice how in the last few years, bookstores have started playing pop music over the speakers? And how it's irritating and prevents any actual reading (which might be the whole plan) while listening to, say, Motown hits (I love them, but hey, time & place, right?) or gee, I dunno, Bob Marley's greatest hits? Like you can't escape him? Like he's everywhere, forever?


Northern Jon said... ?

Anonymous said...

look m8 this is bullshit bob marley iz one of da greatest artists who ever lived due hiz message vocalz n charisma and no one will ever be able to do tht he woz a legend and always will be hav sum respect 4 da deceased coz one day tht will be you!!!

b said...

You're right- I guess I could have been more clear. It's not so much Bob Marley. It's the people who listen to him.

I think we're both proving the same point.

Okay, from now on, let's do as Bob Marley says and be nice.


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