Tuesday, January 26, 2010

zak smith kinda just said it the way i want to hear it.

In response to Stephen Elliot's defense of hipsters, Zak Smith writes--

"Hipsters are the enemy".. . . . Continue reading!

"A hipster takes pride not in knowing things, but in knowing about things. They are “hip” to stuff–that is, aware of its existence and basic cultural valence of everything from roxycodone to America’s Next Top Model.

"A hipster is someone who sees passion as a source of weakness and thus affects boredom with anything that isn;t itself boring and passionless. A hipster may attack, usually with humor, but never defend. And never attack passionately or earnestly.

"I think the pre-eminent hipster statement was made by Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth when they asked her if she was going to be a “cool mom” and she said something like “Of course not, you can’t entertain a baby by acting detachment and bored”

"In other words, hipsters think being cool is a pose rather than a result of having actual ideas or feelings about whatever individual piece of stimuli happens to be in front of you.

"To a hipster: Thinking hard is “nerdy” feeling hard is “emo” and believing in things is “cliche”.

"The hipster is generally a libertarian, a cokehead, a rich kid (so he or she knows all about the next big thing because s/he has a subscription to everything and can afford to buy new shit all the time), a social person, and is headed to business school and meth addiction simultaneously.

"A hipster is aware that almost everything good is made by the committed and the romantic, but is unable to commit to the idea enough to actually make anything good.

"The hipster is aware s/he will never make anything good (except when really high) but knows it would be uncool to complain about it, especially since they are hiply aware that this won’t stop it from making money which they like because they’re not, y’know, against capitalism or whatever.

"The hipster style is calculated pseudo self-sabotage: wearing stupid glasses because looking good might imply you actually wanted to get laid, wearing American Apparel because cheaper and better clothes might imply you needed to save money, or believed in it, liking Britney Spears because not liking it might imply you had serious ideas about the way music should sound.

"The hipster aims to seem as though s/he is aware of all things–all products, all the meanings of those products, all the implications of what they’re wearing or saying–and yet has resisted the urge to think seriously about any of them.

I would also add to the glasses thing & the poorly dressed thing that this stems from a basic assumption of the hipster's part that they are indeed attractive and beautiful &c. Those who have self-esteem issues would never dress down to that extent. We are indeed dealing with dangerous people.

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