Sunday, January 31, 2010

yr scene gonna fight my scene.

unbeknownst to most, not all skinheads are racist, but all of them happen to own the entire skrewdriver discography, included. they’ll tell you they like them “only for the music”. most find this excuse hard to believe since there hasn’t been a single oi record released that doesn’t sound like it was recorded anywhere but a toilet.

inevitably all skins begin to save up their hard earned money to convert their wardrobe over to all of the latest rockabilly gear as part of his skinhead retirement plan

heh. So you all know about this site already, and I had totally forgotten about it til today because I met a real life scene queen (or something like it crossed with this thing) last night-- you know, the one who thinks paint stripes are from Solange Knowles not. . . like, Adam Ant. Or Indians-- featherhead not red dot-- anyway, went to a show last night in the BK shiiit. And it was shit. Only band that was good was the roomie's (why are you still in the bathroom, I gotta pee) sister's band, despite their own problems. This is not favoritism. You can check out the lineup here (yesterday was Saturday) and see which of those acts actually doesn't make you look around like you're worried your neighbor or guardian angel noticed how bad the shit you're listening to is.

Anyway, if it hadn't been roomie's (yooo son you still in there?) sis' gig-- ok, I don't think I would have thrown down especially because no- getting- drunk- til- February but GODDAMN. These kids suck. Hey, guess what? Yelling about your vagina might get your New England dynasty, including your great uncle ex robber baron who still looks for Thomas Nast cartoons in the newspaper in order to get agitated, riled up, even so far as to threaten to take away your trust fund because you are shrieking about your ladybits because it's OMGSHOCKING & OMGREBELLIOUS but hey guess what-- to the rest of us? It's irritating and ohmy you said condom really loud too? . . . yeah, still gotta work on it. And your face paint and you and your buddy chasing each other around the dance floor while wagging a wee baggie of, well, gee, I don't know what it was because I probably can't afford it-- heyyy how about this? Use it, sell it, or put it away. We can't all get off charges as fast as you got that pony when you were 8. Oh yeah, and touching my roommate's face like it's okay to? I think they call it getting all up in someone's face and that's never been cool. And best of all you were crashing into me when you weren't dancing. Like the moment I got there. And you guys know how it is. Somebody bumps into you, you don't like the way they look. . .

Anyway, the excerpt above was what convinced me that the site is legit. The guy knows his stuff. It's all funny. It's not as mean as it seems like it would. SO DEAR READER I'm not gonna ask which sucky scene you're in because introspection is a lot to ask for on a Sunday night. Which scene would your scene fight? I believe the question is as absurd as integrating oneself into a "scene," so let's go! (Aw I wish I could afford lovely Fred Perrys.)


Jim said...

I once had a fight with a skinhead who refused to accept that even though I had a shaved head I wasn't a skkinhead too. That was quite fun.

I suppose my scene these days would be Glasgow indie. We mostly fight with other parts of our scene, only teaming up when we need to fight Edinburgh. It's terribly incestuous and annoying at times.

b said...

haha, i am way too scared of skinheads. but that is pretty funny-- skins are too frat-y/tribal for me, so that attitude you describe doesn't surprise me at all.

i think it's different with girls, we look like psychos if we start something. i avoid fights, and i try to make sure i'm not around too many people who do that shit, especially down here where the cops are everywhere. i'm the only person in this household who has never gotten picked up for fighting on the street, and they never nab the right person, case in point the people living with me. (i also think it's ridiculous to arrest people for fist fights if people are walking away ok from them. but that's a line that needs to be defined.)

i don't know what my "scene" is-- i fall somewhere in between because i'm not dedicated enough to dress the part or go to shows a lot-- there aren't enough good ones around here to go to, at the ticket prices they try to get you with + the beer prices to make the shows better. . . but when/if i have problems it's usually with a hipster/scene kid or something who isn't paying attention to what they're doing. . . probably because they've always gotten away with pulling shit like that.

Northern Jon said...

My scene is definitely 80's uk pop.
Heaven 'FUCKING' 17!


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