Tuesday, January 12, 2010

is it, like, ok to make zoolander jokes again? because i think that's what these people are, like, doing?

"'We're going to burn everything, it's like opening Pandora's box,' Kate said. . . The result would offer an antidote to 'high gloss, high fashion, glamour, put-together, shiny, perfect-- everything too exact,' as Laura put it."

From the New Yorker. Rodarte dresses go for astronomical prices. I thought high prices were supposed to mean, like, well "put-together," maybe even "exact." (That's the point of Ikea, right? They are priced low because they are not "exact.") I understand their pieces tend to be highly detailed by hand, but the philosophy they are pushing is the same one behind ripped jeans.

And then this from Erin Wasson:

"The people with the best style for me are the people that are the poorest. Like, when I go down to Venice beach and I see the homeless, like, I'm like, 'Oh my God, they're pulling out, like, crazy looks and they, like, pulled shit out of like garbage cans.'" [via the Cut]

Like the guy who used to sit outside our apartment with his shirt off and pick at the seams? Because he had bugs? From pulling shit out of garbage cans? The guy wearing mismatched sweatsuits? I thought it wasn't cool to say this anymore, no matter what Brooklyn keeps vomiting out.


Jim said...

I knew my "mismatched hobo" look would catch on eventually!

b said...

you should sue for copyright infringement (?) and then start your own line. i'd buy :]

McCrank said...

This is Classic! Great post! Zoolander is funny shit, but when it hits real, it's a bit scarey. I blame the Jersey Shore!@

Here some new bands for you, since I've been away! The first is Bye Bye Bicycle, and the second is Goldspot. Some retro sounds for you. Be seeing you!



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