Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Case of the Disappearing Jewlery Co., or, what's up with that maaaan?

So I bought this beautiful ring in a ten minute window of my self-control collapsing-- also got a nice necklace & a bracelet that I've had my eye on for about a year-- all at like 40% off, which was sweet. (I mean, I still spent money, but I can rationalize it to some extent.)

Problem was-- note the solid gold band-- it was the wrong ring. Or rather, an incomplete ring. That shit's supposed to have a lovely filigree band-- not a scary cigar-chompin' hairy mobster solid gold band. I mean, I do like it, I really love it-- it's quirky and sort of Victorian, makes me think of British Egyptmania. It also makes me think of the Mummy Returns. Like Patricia Valasquez. Like shut up, I love those movies.

Funny thing is, if you go on Etsy, it's a pretty standard ring band, that filigree one. Check it out here-- same exact one Lucky Loo Loo advertised on their website. I have always liked Lucky Loo Loo, which does rockabilly and costume jewelry, and I have a few pieces from them. They've always had great costumer service, and the jewelry, despite being purchased a week or so before Christmas, showed up in a few days. Awesome. They had also included a pair of free earrings, which are kinda ugly? but it was a nice thought. So I wasn't going to be too cranky about calling in and requesting an exchange.

But they never answered my phone call or my email. And then. . . this. They're gone!

Oh well. It looks like they're still selling stuff at other sites. And anyway, I still have a pretty sweet ring that it turns out is quite dangerous. The pointy scarab legs have ripped a pair of my tights and cut my finger. So I guess if I ever get in a fight. . . I will still lose, but it will be more colorful.

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