Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So second week back at work and I'm admitting the holidays are over. Been having a bit of bad luck with my computer. Virus! Very funny tvshack, but I managed to eradicate it thanks to the magic of internet forums. Also, I decided to downgrade my iTunes because iTunes 9.fuckyou.0 is a piece of bloated shit, but hilariously, that means having to reload my entire library. Which means, hilariously, having to relabel and re-album-cover-ize my entire library. So I'm like halfway through that, then I have to reapply all the album covers, which I get obsessive about for some reason. (I think everybody does.) Oh, and we have bedbugs again.

I think the point of this post is to say one, I hope you guys had a great holiday season! and you're easing back into the swing of things not-too-hard, and to repost what I thought was a deeply clever holiday "card" picture (up there) before I retire it until next Christmas. It's a riot a minute with Noise Annoys. See? A Santa hat. It's funny because. I don't know. The only way that guy on the stoop's day is going to get worse is if that wreath falls on him, though. And that would be funny. The commercial-religious institution is always coming down on me, maaaaan. (In your head say it like the bus driver in the Simpsons.)

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