Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New Year's Resolutions!

I don't usually make specific ones, not because I'm perfect and don't need them, but because I would rather take things as I go, improving myself and my environment (not in a hippie green way, but in a like clean out my desk way) gradually and constantly as I see fit.

And because I'm lazy.

But for the blog, and especially because I've been sent another takedown notice (?!?! on the same post?!?! so not sure what's going on) and because the emphasis on music has been certainly decreasing, to bring my tag cloud (see right-hand sidebar) to equilibrium-ish. The "avail files" tag is way too huge, and I want to start posting more on Movies, Reading, Artsy, Photography, other stuff that is hopefully still interesting.

And if I have one fantasy New Year's Resolution, it is that I would like to stop this ridiculous trend that refuses to die-- glasses with no lenses in them, often oversized. YEAH I'm talking to you you freakin hipster chick on the A train on Monday. I'd rather see you wearing Uggs with fringe on them.

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