Saturday, January 30, 2010

now i know. i wish i didn't.

"The fucking man," The Rejectionist says, "always wins." Indeed he does. It also tipped me off on places to avoid like the plague-- Urban Outfitters has a blog. (Of course they do, ugh and I know people like that-- so glad they're moving to Philly.) But the reason I mention this is because I had really wanted to change the way this bloggyblog looks, somehow, to something different, and for a second had toyed with making it all in Courier, or maybe the posts. Which I find hard to read, but I thought, well this is still supposed to have some semblance of the punk blog it started as (cos I posted punk music), and besides, like Impact (white on black, pink on gross, blahblahblah) Courier is so omgDIY and I am so omgnotDIYcosIgetmad BUT in other news FOUND my Fred Perry button that fell off because that is what happens when you buy those shirts on eBay from Bangkok because that's what happens when- OH- Urban Outfitters (the one time I woulda) & Bloomingdales only sells boy Fred Perrys- so I gotta sew that shit back on. (Yes, 99x is excellent and does sell them but I had a Bloomingdales giftcard.) Oh whoa, bummer, 99X shut down. That's too bad, the people there were awesome. I'll blame Urban Outfitters for it. goddammit the man does always win. The question, why give attention to something you are trying to argue is not worth our time? Because I'm a girl. And that's what we do.

Anyway, I'm jettisoning the Courier idea faster than an escape pod leaves a Rebel blockade runner. The Urban Outfitters blog uses it like it's going out of style. Which it should have. & now I know that the winds of change etc. (LOOK UP THERE I DID IT IN PAINT TOO SO IT'S SUPER WHATEVER.) Speaking of the man, I love what the Simpsons did with the company that makes myfuckyouTunes.

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