Saturday, January 23, 2010

this is being played repeatedly around the house right now.

And not by me. By the guy who used to merciless mock me for liking-- loving-- T. Rex. I have had the last laugh, finally. I think. Until he plays it again.

But no, it's a great song, long haired hippie Tolkien-y silliness aside (or, thanks to. I love me some Tolkien. As does China Mieville. But I hate long hair. As China Mieville appears to.) Some things I didn't know about this song: released in 1970, it is considered the "first" glam rock song, or at least genre defining. Also, Naomi Campbell covered this song, to little artistic success. Though she seems to be as batshit as Marc Bolan's lyrical narrator seems to be. So maybe it's a good match, meta- and thematically?

Eh, actually, having listened to the Campbell track on Youtube, I'm finding it hard to argue any point that could suggest her version should exist.

I love how it looks like Bolan couldn't seem to convince anyone backing him to dress up. So we have guy who looks like he wandered off the Come On Eileen set and keyboardist who is predicting 90s college fashion, leaving Bolan to rock that. . . um-- well, let's just say, guess what American Apparel? Marc Bolan did it before you. And same to you, Johnny Depp.

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