Saturday, April 26, 2008


With the warm weather rolling in and the frolicking and whatnot going down, it looks like everyone's getting into the swing of what will soon be summer, including the great McCrank-- who has 2! (yes, that works in terms of enthusiasm AND math) Sublime boots up. (And some BAD!) Big fucking shoutout in his direction, because it reminded me that I have absolutely shortchanged one of SoCal and the 90s' finest bands by not posting anything of theirs besides "Smoke 2 Joints," which Caitlin wants to go on record as liking, and which is indeed a fine song.

Now, I don't know what kind of music gets radioplay across the country, but to anyone who grew up with KROQ, it was pretty hard not to hear these guys all the time, as they continue to receive tons and tons of airplay during what I've come to realize is comparatively near-- but not quite --perpetual spring/summer. Driving in the sun listening to a Sublime song is definitely up there on my list of Really Good Things To Do. (Something I will not be able to do this summer.) It's something of a shame that Sublime's work has been co-opted by the frat boy scene. Not to say anything against frat boys, I know some very sensible and very nice ones, and I can't deny them good music, but it associates what is fundamentally very good and very clever and very funny songwriting with (alleged) goofy and mindless debauchery. I actually wasn't aware of that association til I came out here. And beyond subject matter, why did that happen? The last time I was at the local jock bar, all they played was Sublime and RHCP. What is it with frat boys and Socal rock?

Anyway, here we go-- my top 5 Sublime songs. I don't think there will be any surprises (ie, as Caitlin says, the "KROQ standards,") but I hope you enjoy anyway.

First, though, head on over to McCrank's Juke for not one but TWO sublime Sublime boots.

5. Santeria

4. Date Rape
Justice is done, on all fronts. I don't know what else to tell ya.

3. Doin' Time
Sublime + Gershwin. Maintains the haunting quality of the song and relocates it to a hot SoCal night.

2. April 29 1992 (Miami)
"It's about coming up and staying on top and screamin 187 on the motherfuckin' cop." The difference in the dates (oooh, today is the 26th, I'm so clever) is on account of not wanting to throw out a take that was for all purposes really awesome except the botched date. This is actually neck and neck for number one with. . .

1. What I Got
"The Sublime style's still straight from Long Beach." A perfect marriage of poignancy, swagger, and uplifting-ness, and it apparently samples Too Short, who writes fantastically insulting (read: hilarious) songs about bitches, from what I can remember.
And, as a bonus, Gwen Stefani, back when she was cool but not as well made-up, joins the boys on "Saw Red."

Anyway, howzabout you guys? Any Sublime favorites?


Northern Jon said...

I did a couple Sublime songs on the Karaoke last week. Sooooooo much fun.

Thanks for the Pearl Harbour shit, I will give it a listen later.

Favourite sublime songs?

Krs One, Seed, Greatest Hits.

b said...

Sublime karaoke sounds pretty sweet.

Glad to be of service with the Pearl Harbour, hope you find stuff you like!


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