Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Speed Limit and My Favorite Brunette

Double Indemnity. Billy Wilder and Raymond Chandler. Fred MacMurry and Barbara Stanwyck. Um, amazing.

[the "speed limit" exchange]

the entire movie is on youtube, starting with the first part here

and the Hope-Lamour silly "detective"/noir movie on google video here (features peter lorre, lon chaney jr, and cameos by bing, alan ladd)

the song "My Favorite Brunette" (Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour, which has absolutely nothing to do with the movie) here.
(for some reason, when I ripped that, it ripped, I think, as a wma. for it as an mp3, go here)

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ken said...

Hey C(aitlin)-
Double Indemnity is one of the GREATEST movies of all time - thanks for the heads up on the youtube link - I spent my lunch time this week watching it!


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