Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Reportedly racist music video hails the laurels of properly prepared Southern Fried Chicken."

So it's late, I'm supposed to be in bed, and my mind has jumped out the window and probably ran right into the Hudson and done drowned isself.

The video alternates between excited hungry kids and Ms Peachez waving raw chickens and chicken parts around, cooking chicken, and saying something I can't quite catch but doing it in a Jackée voice/gesture. (Same thing happens in "Ms Peachez In the Tub.") Besides being catchier than Soulja Boy (remember those wacky prison folk?), it makes me, as does anything with pictures of food, commercials included, want to eat. Ms Peachez is a character created by a Shreveport man who is, according to an insightful post, participating in

[Jose Munoz’s] theory of disidentification [when] somebody performs the societal expectations (negative) of their identity(ies) and through their performance they take control of the image and twist it however they’d like. Most often into a positive image; at least one that interrogates the image. [em. added]

I'd be quite interested to see who is complaining about the racist tones. I feel that in the end, it really is a matter of taking charge of one's own identity, handily done in the video with full awareness of that sense of ownership, and when racism is not in the intent (which I am going to assume is the case), then it is being projected by those who see it, with all the implications upon said individuals and their discomfort issues.

In the same vein. I don't watch this show, and I think Tina Fey needs to stop posing like this (sorry, you're just not that hot), but this is very, very funny. "Mind yo' own damn business, Mrs Rodriguez!"

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Jim said...

I disagree, Tina Fey is lovely :P


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