Monday, April 28, 2008

OH MIKE NESS. I will never get over you.

PS- He's touring!


Anonymous said...

What a great picture! I'd love to see one of Mike's solo shows . . . one of these days, maybe . . .
Sublimje favorites - I have to confess that this is another time I've missed out because of an opinion based on an assumption - I'd always dismissed the band as Rancid wannabes. Following your advice, I grabbed the sets from McCrank and now I know the error of my ways - Badfish is my new favorite song!
I'm glad you're still enjoying Ad Vielle Que Pourra, they remain consistent favorites on the Farm...we were cleaning out some storage boxes a couple of weeks ago and found several loose cds, one of which is this album by AVQP - I hope you enjoy it:

aikin said...

aHA! So this is how people are linking to my blog from your blog! Thanks for the linkage and thanks for helping me find Noise Annoys.
very cool stuff


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