Friday, April 18, 2008

Five Songs! Right Now!

1 mp4, 4 mp3s. Go!

1. "Playboy" by Candy-Coated Killahz

MOKB posted their song "Rich Kids" and then "Playboy," saying, "There might have been a time when I thought bringing back the 80s was a bad thing, but I was wrong. I'm digging the Tainted Love vibe going on in the background." If you liked "Rich Kids," "Playboy" is catchier, sexier, and a hell of a lot more fun. They also just posted the title song from their upcoming release It Factor on their Myspace, so make sure to give that a visit for more. For a different type of 80s sound, check out the Daggers via Mister McCrank's mix tape!

2. "Georgia On A Fast Train" by Billy Joe Shaver [Tramp On Your Street, also avail. on the Greatest Hits comp.]

I posted some Billy Joe last year, but with the vague and possibly completely incorrect impression that new people wander through here every now and then and need to be convinced of Billy Joe's, oh I don't know, genius, I thought I'd throw up one of my favorite Billy Joe songs. If you need more convincing, go read Ken's superb Billy Joe post. Now! Go go!

3. "500 Channels" [m4a] by Choking Victim [No Gods/No Managers]

"Atheotonomist"-with a penchant for Satanist imagery-band Choking Victim, part of the Crack Rock Steady 7 (which also includes Morning Glory, INDK, Leftöver Crack), is known for politically charged lyrics, ska-core, squatting, drugs, but most of all I turn to them for what could be called really loud blah-argh-yell-angry! music. (If you're being a lazy fuck like me.) But anyway. Here's one of what I've found to be their catchiest songs.

4. "Galway Bay" by The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem [In Person at Carnegie Hall]

While some kids will grow up only knowing Carnegie Hall as that place where JK Rowling outed Dumbledore (despite writing over 4000 pages, it is something she never managed to explicitly slip in because of, let's face it-- book sales), I'll always know it as the place where this was recorded (and also that place in that joke.) But the real reason I'm posting it (besides it being good and funny and all that) is because besides a brief spasm of classiness the other day, the main staple here has been PBR.

5. "Keep It Simple" by the Slackers [Peculiar] [photo creds & orig.]

The Slackers are putting out a new album on April 29th, and will be performing a set at the Union Square Virgin Megastore on the 28th. "Keep It Simple" is off their second to last release (Boss Harmony Sessions being their last.) I have a big fucken crush on Vic Ruggiero's voice. Best lines?

Well, maybe I’ll take myself
On down to the river
And throw myself off the dock
When you
See my body floatin’ on by
You can
Throw me down a wreath
Then you can send my bleedin’ heart off the Washington
Attention: Commander In Chief

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