Friday, April 25, 2008

Request: Pearl Harbour & the Explosions

Okay! Pearl Harbour & the Explosions. If you're like me, you came across this San Francisco New Wave act in the process of learning more about the only band that matters, specifically that Pearl E Gates AKA Pearl Harbour was married to Paul Simonon (here we go girls- yeah I'm talkin' to you Ms Patti Smith-: sigh). Lil bro Nick Simonon plays the drums on this album, which Allmusic aptly describes:

Where the Explosions were stilted and restrained, Harbour's voice is loud and freewheeling on the rockabilly driven rumble of "Out With the Girls," "Fujiyama Mama," and "Alone in the Dark." There's not a trace of hesitation in Harbour's hiccups, whoops, and yelps; she sounds comfortable in a way that listeners simply hadn't heard before. Harbour's breezy self-assurance also extends to the campy girl group flippance of "Everybody's Boring but My Baby," reflective pop/rock of "Heaven Is Gonna Be Empty," token country weepers "Losing to You," and a tough, but affectionate cover of Ian Dury's "Rough Kids."

If you're not sold yet, check out my favorite track, "Everybody's Boring But My Baby," and see if you like it.

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Anonymous said...

hey thanks for posting this one Its been a while since i pulled the LP out of my storage space. it'llbe great to hear her have some fun with these songs. "everybody's boring but my baby" reminds me of Dusty Springfields' "I only wanna be with you"

b said...

Hey Anonymous, thanks for stopping by :)

Good call on the Dusty Springfield tune!


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