Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fantastic James Jean Art!

I'm always blown away by this guy's stuff, but this one I particularly like. The full-sized original, "Southern Belle," can be viewed here, or alternately, go to WORK, "Wine." Scroll all the way to the right.


Anonymous said...

How did you find this guy, his artwork is incredible! I'm using "supertron" for my desktop, I just love the strength and determination displayed by the girl - great stuff!
thanks for sharing, ma'am!
BTW - I'm about halfway through the McCoy books, they're so much fun - ken

McCrank said...

I met James Jean at the wondercon in Oakland a few years ago, before he got the Fables gig. He was amazing then and hadn't done much superhero work. What an amazing illustrator and person!

I love his work. I was with another guy named Josh Hagler -- we were pitching a comic I put together but never sold. Image, Vertigo, Devil's Due, and Dark Horse all passed. You can check out Josh's work here:


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