Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rock N Roll Soldiers: The Two EPs

So I'm back on the freezing cold East Coast and I'm having a lot of trouble adjusting to the time change, more so than usual for some reason. But posting should be back at a normal pace, just with a three hour lag :]
This isn’t a bad effort from the Rock ‘N’ Roll Soldiers, but there’s a lot of potential improvements to think about for the next go ‘round. They’ve got solid elements in place, and a great lead singer, but something needs to spice up the middle of the album, which drags a bit. And it’s not copying the beginning of other artists' songs (“Everybody’s Gotta Live” starts out almost identically to Green Day’s “Jackass”). Maybe next time, guys.
Remember how about three/four years ago, a lot of these bands were getting radio play with punk-inspired, danceable, noisy, energetic wacky vocals, all in skinny jeans and terrible hair? I guess the Vacation was kinda leading the pack (what happened to them? I'd rather be posting them, but I can't find the album on my computer, I'll work on that) and Towers of London were just being embarrassing. (Okay, I never listened to them so maybe I'm making a snap judgment, but they opened for the Pogues a few years ago and boy were they awful.)

Rock N Roll Soldiers call their stuff "slinky glam punk," I'll go ahead and call it good and for the most part fun. I agree with the Punknews review that as an album it starts to drag, but picking out songs gets you some good standalone tracks. Favorites are "Anthem," "Funny Little Feeling," sing-a-long "Everybody's Gotta Live," "Barbarian" and "Habits I Have" (Briefs-esque confession of bizarre behavior.) This release is two EPs smashed together, "The High School Sessions," and "The Weak Blame The Strong." Enjoy!

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