Friday, January 25, 2008

Brahms & Bruch Violin Concertos

On the heels of the last post, thought I'd throw this up here because it includes Brahms' Concerto in D Major, used in There Will Be Blood to great effect. While watching the movie I could not for the life of me remember what the song was, but I could remember it was on the same CD as my copy of the Bruch, which is included in the file and is as awesomely awesome as violin concertos get. Great stuff, fun to listen to and even more fun to play. This is the Hoelscher version, but there are a lot of other versions out there available. Enjoy!

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ken said...

Hey b -
glad to hear you're getting settled in for another wonderful new semester . . . you know, you can ignore the cold and you can ignore the communists, but its awful hard to ignore them both at the same time!
Too bad about "sweeney todd" (and Alan Rickman's performace IS a standout-I wouldn't use the phrase "bright spot" to describe it, though!), but I'm glad to hear good things about "there will be blood", I couldn't tell from the previews if it was gonna be good or not - I knew Mr. Lewis turn in a good performance, but I wasn't sure about Anderson's directing. I've not seen any of his films, just a couple of his short films, and they seem so-so.
mmmmmm - shandy - my particular favorite is Kilkenny Cream Ale and Fentimans ginger beer.
thanks for the Brahm's - so far its a great soundtrack to a pretty busy Friday morning!


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