Monday, January 07, 2008

Avenues & Alleyways: B-Sides, Covers, Remixes

Okay, so it finally stopped raining here and, stuck inside with nothing to do but watch TV, read, load the dishwasher, unload the dishwasher, and watch more TV, I decided I like the Avenues & Alleyways comp more than the official one. I can't remember where it came from, but many thanks to the fella who originally posted it. It has a lot of stuff the C-Sides release has got and then some, including excellent covers: "Cheat" (Clash), "If the Kids Are United" (Sham 69), and "I'm Against It" (Ramones). **As well as, with thanks to Northern Jon for the heads up: "My Life" (Sick of It All) and "The Harder They Come" (Jimmy Cliff).**

Also, I'm glad McCrank dropped by because it reminded me that I had meant to link to a post he did over the summer- Rancid Live in Miami, great stuff, check it out! Also, X Siempre Joven has a demos collection up, haven't grabbed it yet, but someone out there might be interested. Have fun!

The good stuff:


b said...

1. I wanna riot (ska version feat. Stubborn All-Stars)
2. brad logan
3. the brothels
4. if the kids are united (Sham 69 cover)
5. kill the lights
6. white knuckle ride
7. i wanna riot
8. brixton
9. tattoo
10. lethal
11. my life
12. the harder they come (live at Tibetan Freedom)
13. things to come (dance hall mix)
14. cash, culture and violence (bass drop mix)
15. endrina
16. coppers (brooklyn mix)
17. ben zanatto
18. sick, sick world
19. i'm against it (Ramones cover)
20. stop
21. dead and gone
22. blacklisted
23. blast em'
24. that's entertainment
25. cheat (The Clash cover)

Nazz Nomad said...


Northern Jon said...

I agree

I think There are a few tracks I would have replaced on the original.

Also 'My Life' is A Sick Of It All Cover, And 'The Harder They Come' Is by the legendary Jimmy Cliff.


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