Friday, January 04, 2008

B Sides and C Sides. .. & MMB

Everyone is always wary when it comes to these types of releases. This one has a lot in common with the Avenues & Alleyways boot, and was released last year (aka like 5 days ago). Still, it's meant to keep us going til the next Rancid release which is supposed to be in the works (not that they've been sitting around and twiddling their tattooed thumbs.) I actually don't know what a C-side is, but I guess they made 3 sided records while I wasn't paying attention. Anyway, just looking at the list, some of my favorites are "Sick Sick World", "the Brothels", good stuff all around, and unfortunately, "That's Entertainment" is still not a Jam cover (When I first saw the track on another comp, I got really excited, and I still can't get over how much I wish they'd have covered it- would love to hear that.) Okay, enjoy, lemme know what you think!

Also, from the same site linked way up at the top, a Mighty Mighty Bosstones reunion might be in the works (yeah, I know, same with the Kinks). Regardless of whether that'll happen or not, check out the boys doing "Rudie Can't Fail." It's like having a very scary hitman sing it to you, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. I love Dicky Barrett's voice, specifically his speaking voice, which we got to hear a lot of when Indie 1031 was running the Mighty Morning Show. Now I know the station started going downhill before this, but I think we can say the big turning point was when they fired Dicky (Jay-sus, Bridget, you're still posting that link? Yes! I'm very upset!)

The good stuff:

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McCrank said...

Thanks for the Rancid C-Sides! Been looking for some solid Rancid boots -- these guys are one of my favorites!

Happy New Year! Keep sprouting the tracks out. Much appreciated!



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