Saturday, January 26, 2008

Chicago Style

No, not that. For the last half hour I've been copying and pasting some reading I'm supposed to be doing from the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Ed., into my word processor, and since every section is a separate webpage, it's slow going. I can't find a printer-friendly format, and I'm pretty sure that's on purpose, so it's either copy-and-paste, go down to the library and photocopy it (more trouble than even what I'm doing now), or just buying a copy of the manual. It's not so much the cost (or maybe it is. . .), has it at $20 off and if it's something I'll actually use for a long time (or until the 16th ed. comes out) I'm willing to pay the price. But I don't know if I'm going to use it that much, especially if it would just be for quick reference as I go, which is what the online subscription is for. My big hangup right now is the size. According to Amazon, it's 900+ pages and hardcover. That's a big scary book that I'll have to store and take out every new semester or carry home with me if I run out of room. Looks more like something I'd have if I were in grad school. . . But in the meantime, I figured I'd upload some music to be posted throughout the week, and this time, there's a theme. Women!

Got your attention! I noticed I rarely post female vocalists (besides Ella.) Unintentional, but I do have some fantastic female-fronted groups and soloists that I'd like to share. Of course, posting exclusively ladies for a week is discriminatory, but what the hell. I'll keep it up for a week and then go back to gender-blind posting :) So look for that soon, starting with Devil Doll.

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Jim said...

Ooh, women! I like them. You've made tons of posts since I was here last, shame on me for not checking more regularly.
Oh and don't worry, we barely know what Burns means either. There's semi-translations available should you wish.


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