Monday, January 28, 2008

Gender Discrimination Week: Dinah Shore [Guest Post!]

Guest post! from the awesome lil sis, Caitlin:

I bought this CD used off Amazon after sitting through the not-so-good, very ridiculous but somewhat entertaining WWII Danny Kaye movie Up In Arms on TCM, that I watched after seeing Flags of Our Fathers in theaters (making for a very interesting contrast). Dinah Shore was in it and sang "Tess's Torch Song" which I really liked and is my favorite ever ever ever-- more or less anyway, and I went on a quest to find a copy of that song. (Upon reflection, Flags also had a Dinah Shore song--"I'll Walk Alone".) After not finding it online, and not finding any Dinah Shore to download, I up and bought it, not really knowing what the rest of it would sound like and somewhat afraid that it would be somewhat schmaltzy.

She's got a nice light voice, and I like singing along with her, though I'm sure everyone in this household hates me for it. The songs on here are selections from her various radio programs of the mid-1940s, notably Showtime, Dinah Shore's Open House, and Dinah Shore's Ford Show. My favorite songs from it are "You're A Builder Upper" (which, the liner notes tell me, was used to open the "Showtime" program), "Shoo Shoo Baby," "I Walk Alone," "Tess's Torch Song," and "Tallahassee" which is a very cute duet with a singing Woody Herman.

"Laura" makes me think of Spike Jones (we are currently listening to this track in the house and my dad just walked by and made a Spike Jones train sound at the line about the train), and though I've never seen the movie, I do adore Daniel Raksin's theme.

But anyway, here is my sparknotes on her career, mostly from Wikipedia: Dinah Shore gained popularity in the '40s, and continued her singing career into the '60s, supplemented with her television career (as a variety and talk show host and singer) into the 70's. She had a high profile relationship with Burt Reynolds in the early 70's. Yup. Here's what B had to say on her [ed: over AIM, which I think explains it. . . and the fact that I'm kinda an idiot in general.]: "dinah shore is cool. download it because the music sounds good. she has a good voice and that's why the music is good. PEACE."

I applaud her for conciseness? Anyway, here is Dinah's Showtime.
Heads up! More Dinah at Singin' & Swingin'!

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