Monday, September 17, 2007


Mystery solved, pretty boys & girls. The raspberry smell? Uber-rich boy's hookah. I don't in general have a problem with hookahs- I do not indulge often at all, as I don't have the whole set up nor do I have I ever entertained the notion of spending money on one, but they are admittedly much more comfortable than cigarettes. But dude- it's filling the whole effing hallway. Can't he stick a towel under his door. The smell is cloying. And I'm hearing loud sniffy snorts coming from the same room. Maybe he has a cold. Aah, sin and debauchery on the eighth floor! And Bridget's studying for an examen. Pfft.

People who smoke hookahs out on the quad on campus just end up looking like douchebags, mostly cos it looks like they're trying to defy a rule that doesn't exist. I probably just alienated the crossover group of people who read this blog and smoke hookahs on grassy knolls. I didn't mean it. Friendly people.

And you know those days when you wake up a wee bit hungover on somebody else's floor 20 minutes before class (or work, for you adults out there) and all you have time to do is run by the Asian convenience store and get the proper cure which is a yellow Gatorade and a Krispy Kreme devil's food cake donut? This morning, I'm holding a Gatorade and I smell like cigarettes and I'm peering at the area behind the counter, and the lady asks, "Are you looking for something, miss?" Me: "Do you have donuts anymore?" Lady: No.

CRASH. My world. There it goes. Bye now.

**UPDATE: hookah boy caused the fire alarm to go off this morning at 7am. Entire building evacuated. Important to note that the incident has not yet discouraged him.


Caitlin said...

silly bridget.
I was just in the geology resource room until 11 pm. rocks suck. maps suck. minerals suck. magma sucks. yuck. and more geology reading is awaiting me as soon as I get off this computer.....

Jim said...

Um, what's a hookah? I got all the way through the first part thinking the rich boys had fruit sented prostitues...


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