Tuesday, September 11, 2007

2 Will Smith Tunes

[same file/link] Listen up for the "Rock the Casbah" piano in Will 2K. Raise your hand if you are over excited for I Am Legend.


Jim said...

Slightly dreading I Am Legend to be honest, since I love the book. IDW did quite a good adaption a few years ago too.
Still, I actually quite liked The Omega Man, so the film should be just fine.

I'm even more excited about Iron Man though, now that the trailer is out.

Anonymous said...

The book's great, Omega Man was great,IDW's graphic novel was great, the Last Man on Earth was not so great, all my fingers are crossed that this adaptation will be great - if the film delivers what the teaser promises it should be . . . great.

b said...

yeah, i wonder if they're gonna keep the book's ending or if they'll hollywoodize it. . . that's my big concern right now. ooh but will smith.

i have a totally random copy of The Last Man on Earth in my house. I'm not sure where it came from, but it hasn't been opened.


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