Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Vandals: LWIASI & HBVG

The Vandals and I still aren't talking after this summer's series of no-shows, but it was my parents' 20th anniversary last week so I sent them the song "Sorry Mom and Dad" off of Look What I Almost Stepped In. Here's the whole album, and as a bonus, Hitler Bad, Vandals Good and the "My Girlfriend's Dead" vid. There are pretty much no bad tracks on either of these records, the jokes come super fast and super crazy with the usual obnoxious sincerity and strange upliftingness. . . a pretty good place to start off if you haven't gotten into the Vandals yet. (I almost met Joe at Dodger Stadium but I didn't get to take pictures over at the All You Can Eat Pavilion where he was at.) Happy Saturday!
This one's from Hitler Bad, Vandals Good. I dunno the lesson of this video. Mayhem? Chicks dig Catholic boys? :p Frankly though, the Mighty Morning Show hasn't been the same since Dicky Barrett left.

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Nazz Nomad said...

me likey the vandals. cool lyrics and great bass lines. i have been waiting too long for them to get back to NYC.


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