Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fall Mix

No order, just meant to be put on shuffle. It's not Autumn yet, but I'm an overeager motherfucker :] Enjoy! [One file]

The Pipettes' Pull Shapes
[one of two Pipettes songs that I can listen to w.out feeling like I'm drowning in cotton candy with British accents (no offense)]
The Divine Comedy's Gin Soaked Boy
[big thanks to Jim, who so long ago posted this, got me hooked on Father Ted, and now I have the Holy Trilogy]
Regina Spektor's Fidelity
[the only song by her I've been able to make it through, I still don't like the "better"s]
The Pogues' London Girl
[this one's the bouncy one]
The Vandals' You're Not the Boss of Me (Kick It)
[the Vandals and I aren't talking right now, but I planned the mix before the Warped Tour sans official statement avec apology incident. plus the song's cute.]
Patrick Wolf's Get Lost
[this kid. you want to hate him, but the music is too good.]
Tim Armstrong's Lady Demeter
[happily, Tim's lyrics are less self-absorbed than Lars'. I think. I usually can't understand him.]
Biff Bang Pow!'s She's Got Diamonds in Her Hair
[big thanks to Twilightzone!; I have fallen madly in love with this band and especially the record this comes from, Oblivion]
Nick Caves' Henry Lee [w. PJ Harvey]
[umm, I can't think of anything to say about this. Great song, powerful song, check out the music video and watch them both make weird faces.]
Emilie Simon's Flowers
[big thanks to Ken for introducing this lovely lady to me]
The Smiths' Ask
[current favorite Smiths' song]
Adam Ant's Deutscher Girls
[reigning favorite song of theirs]
Johnny Cash's God's Gonna Cut You Down
[aaw shit- so good!]
Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros' Johnny Appleseed
[perfection? yuppp.]
The Cranberries' Dreams
[my friend laughed at me when I said I like this song.]
Locksley's Don't Make Me Wait
[check out their myspace for more. infectious, like OK Go with sincerity and sunshine.]
Justin Timberlakes' Lovestoned/I Think She Knows Interlude
y'all heard about this one, already. but check out the cinematic ending, at least.]

[Picture Source, the fabulous Alphonse Mucha!]


Anonymous said...

This is great mix - I listened to it at work today and really enjoyed it . . . I always forget about the Smith's Louder Than Bombs-there's heaps of great stuff on there . . . supposedly,the meerkats take their names from pop culture - the show doesn't really have much of an onsite production crew, its mostly done with remotes and clever editing

Anonymous said...

Very nice work done here,you good writer."pretty girls and pretty boys"

b said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words! We really do love all the pretty boys and girls who stop by :]

lin said...



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