Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Proposition

This was released two years ago, and those who were interested probably grabbed it, but now that the film has been out on dvd for almost a year, there are probably others casting about for the soundtrack, written by Warren Ellis and Nick Cave.

The film is bleak, brutal, and lyrical; the mood is overwhelming and stays for quite some time after viewing. It centers around the Burns Bros gang and their interaction with a settlement in the Australian Outback of the 1880s. The most compelling performances come from Ray Winstone, who offers the titular proposition, and the exquisite Emily Watson as his wife. It isn't necessary to like Nick Cave to enjoy this film, nor to enjoy the soundtrack.
All tracks are directly reproduced from the musical interludes in the film, and feature little alteration from the film score. Many songs on the album are slow-tempo and ballad-like, and the violin work of Warren Ellis becomes the central voice of the album for much of the time. Cave's unusual vocal performances on the "Rider" trilogy of songs brings a particularly haunting and uneasy tone to the album [x].


kev said...

thanks for sharing this. it was a beautiful movie & agree 100% about Ray Winstone and Emily Watson.

Jim said...

I must be ahead of my time, posted that way back in December 05 :D
Quality stuff, loved the film too.


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