Sunday, July 06, 2008

A few things

Hiya kids! I'm in Ireland right now for a school program. As if this is new information: the weather blows. But it really is gorgeous country and a rich cultural tradition and history but most of all: 1. The St Nicholas street market in Galway has the most fabulous donuts you've ever had, and 2. The sheer amount and yumminess of cookies (biscuits?) is perhaps one of Ireland's greatest achievements omg. Especially the St Bernard brand (think Kirkland signature and whatever the Vons brand is.)

I had hoped I'd be able to do posts with limited file uploads- single tracks, etc- but the bad news is my internet connection here at student housing sucks so bad it can't load Youtube vids and tends to give out randomly. The closest thing short of heading out Californie-way to fixing it that I've figured is pulling the cable out and sticking it back in. (So I'm not actually sure if this will post.) So thanks to Caitlin for holding things down on the home front where the good internet and the external HD are, and stay tuned for more!

Oh yeah, and people here are addicted to Big Brother UK. Coooookiees! (Yeah. . . we've started watching it to.)


Jim said...

Oh please god no, don't watch big brother, it'll rot your young brain!

If the Galways trip happens to end up in Paisley by freak happenstance, give me a yell too.

Anonymous said...

look, I'm glad you're enjoying your summer and all, but why do you insist on torturing me with delectable pastries that are just not available in Valley Mills, Texas?
...say it ain't so, not Big Brother - don't go to the darkside...


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