Monday, July 28, 2008

Things I Like This Summer # 2: Vin Scully

Yuppers. It is summer and baseball and I adore Vin Scully.

He is so full of wonderful tidbits; I'm always wondering where he gets them and how he compiles the things he does. Does he just have a giant binder that tells him where each player went to high school, how they batted last against this pitcher when the stars were last aligned just so, and what their favorite food is? I really think he does. And he knows when to be quiet, and he always give the score and the count.

He was even a tad harsh today with regards to Jeff Kent, I think it was, not being able to make the plays he used to be able to make (he mentioned it about 15 times in a batter) , but whimsical too. With regards to Giants' pitcher Brian Wilson's soul patch, while he threw three pitches in a row over 100 mph, Vin said something to the effect of : "throwing so fast he's gonna lose his soul patch. Shakespeare had a soul patch, yes he did, I've been told. Many jazz musicians too, very cool."

New Dodger 3rd Baseman Casey Blake got thrown out rather unfairly by Greg Gibson, 1st base ump, for saying, as Scully put it, "Fertilizer!" (you could see his lips form the word"bullshit!") when he was in the dugout after striking out, Vin kept on hammering about the "fertilizer." I think he was really amused. Joe Torre went out to argue against Blake being ejected, and Vin said "and now Torre is saying fertilizer." Then Torre got ejected, and he rarely does. Then Vin went on to say, if I heard even remotely correctly, "And Gibson, he specializes in making fertilizer."

Oh Vin Scully. :)

I adore my Dodgers and I adore my Angels (esp when they whup the Red Sox and Yankees), but I admit, when we aren't getting beat too bad to a bloody pulp by everyone else in the National League, I often prefer to watch the Dodgers, bc, I mean, they've got my darlin Vin Scully. Don't have to listen to Rex Hudler and Steve Physioc or whatever his name is not give you the score. What did they say today? It was something awful. Even if Garrett Anderson is GA and Troy Percival was Percy and Chone Figgins is Figgy.

And plus: there is always Russell Martin for the Dodgers. A few weeks back he pulled off his catcher's mask to get something and he had a little mohawk. But he still looks like a Teddy Bear. He's a darling. <3>

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