Friday, July 18, 2008


Irish television has been a bit different than the television back home. I'm not talking about the shows- four to five hours of Friends everyday- I'm talking about the wacky, wacky commercials. (There's one with cavemen and yogurt?)

I can't get over this one. Check it out. The happiest Jamaican dude ever, the sourest Subcontinent (?) dude ever, and a creepy Teutonic biker. The world is such a happy place under Vodafone.


Northern Jon said...

How much longer are you in Ireland?
Are you planning on going to England?
I don't know if you eat meat, but you gotta try the Kebabs in Camden.

b said...

i am leaving ireland in two days, waiting to leave for dublin right now. i went to england in june and i did go to camden but i didn't try the kebabs! i went to the pret a manger near the market. i eat meat like you wouldn't believe :p

here in ireland kebabs are totally different than they are in america. is this the case in england? for us, kebabs are skewers and here, they are what we call gyros.

Philou said...

wow that is a happy jamaican man indeed!

Northern Jon said...

Yes, I think they are known as Gyros here in Japan too. I imagine the Irish one's are the same as the English. Man I miss Kebabs. Check out what they sell in Scotland!


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