Thursday, June 26, 2008

Howdy and a random Nick and Shane post

SO. I promised B I'd do some posts while she was across the pond, and since I'm a horrid and lazy person I haven't done anything yet..... My pathetic little excuse is the 8+ hour workday+ commute is whooping my ass and I stare at a computer all day so I don't do the same when I get home cos I fall asleep immediately (and I do mean immediately), at a sorry expense to this blog. Sorry. :( However flimsy that excuse is...... Welcome to real life, I suppose.... ugh.

SO, I thought I'd start off posting a post I started back during the semester, never finished, and forgot what I was going to say about. (I can't even remember; all I've been listening to lately is the Riders In The Sky and Xavier Cugat so.... may a post about them coming up in the future, knowing me, not too soon a future. sorry for being a lazy bum. )

So ANYWAY, you can have the songs, and get to skip my chatter. Yay!

Here's some Nick and Shane, those two lovelies:

you know you love them.... <3

What A Wonderful World with Shane here

A Rainy Night In Soho here (just Nick) (WARNING: B and I agree that it is fairly awful, the only nick cave I don't like...)

Lucy (version 2) here

1 comment:

b said...

oh god yes, nick kills that song.


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