Sunday, July 06, 2008

Art Roundup!

I meant to post this back when the perpetually fab Ken sent me the link (Thanks Ken!), but I'm kinda glad I waited because I went to go find the art again and found a whole buncha other stuff, so here we go!

Ken alerted me to Eric Tan's work, specifically his amazing posters for what is planned to be the three Indy movies. Eric Tan has also done work for the new film Wall-E, which was on display at last year's ComicCon.

These posters are available at the new Indiana Jones shop, where you can find a shitton of rocking original Indy fine art prints. Even if you're not looking to buy any, they offer watermark-free previews of the pieces.

Another artist featured there is Patrick Shoenmaker. whose work I've loved on and who also did stuff for the TOPPS card series. If you like Eric Tan's stuff you'll most probably like Shoenmaker's work, which uses the same illustrated, colorful style. He also has a cool sculpture of Hellboy with that dead Russian dude from the movie.

Also, check out a sweet Ben Templesmith piece via Filthy McNasty and hit up the Best of Wondermark, an online comic that marries 19th century pictures with naughty humor, for some laughs. My favorite is the first one. If you like Anomaly by Kennedy Rose you'll enjoy David Malki !'s work on Wondermark.

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Anonymous said...

I WANT that Shoenmaker Hellboy piece!!!
and thanks for the heads up on Wondermark - pretty funny stuff!


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