Saturday, July 26, 2008

remote blogging L A M F

Hey guys! Saw what you will about globalization but let's face it- it's nice to have McDonald's for a) reliable food and b) WIFI! So now I can get to directions to where I'm supposed to go tomorrow.

I'm in Galway for one more day. I was here for a month, then was in Cong the last two days hiking and geeking out at the Quiet Man sights. Then back to Galway, today, where I pretty much killed time buying donuts at the farmer's market, walking up to the cemetery, then watching THE DARK KNIGHT OMF and Wall-E which conveniently started right after the Dark Knight ended. I might go see Wanted next. Because I have nothing to do for the next 5 hours, when the midnight bus for Dublin leaves, and it is raining.

Anyway, the Dark Knight was amazing, and since I hadn't been paying too much attention to actual movie news (ok, who thinks Christian Bale DIDN'T do it?) I didn't know where it was going, so everything was a nice surprise. Check it out if you haven't gotten a chance!

I should probably buy something so they'll let me stay, but I don't wanna leave my stuff alone. Traveling by oneself is hard. Especially if you are carrying around as much junk as I am. And mind you, my suitcase proper is in storage with the cab co. right now. I have 3 other bags.


And now for your benefit: READ The Long Halloween if ya haven't and want more Harvey Dent goodness.

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Anonymous said...

hey b!
How's the end of your summer shaping up? I hope you plan on giving us a summary (maybe with pictures?) of your time in Ireland...I can't believe that the Dark Knight actually lived up to fingers are crossed for Watchmen!!
I'm glad you're enjoying Christina Rossetti's poetry - what your favorite?


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