Thursday, July 12, 2007

That new Harry Potter movie: NOT ENOUGH NEVILLE

I got bored sometime in the afternoon and decided to give the blog a summery look, so there's a new banner now and some of the font color is changing. Boy, what an effort. Ha!

I did see the new Harry Potter movie and I swear, half of the kids are getting to be better actors and the other half (EMMA WATSON, KATIE LEUNG) just don't get it. It's embarassing when the peripheral actors (Crabbe & Goyle) are significantly better actors than the kid leads. My friend tried to convince me it wasn't Hermione's fault because she doesn't want to act, but wants to go to school, but let's face it. $4 million+ a movie and she can't put in a little effort? And Daniel Radcliffe is getting way to ripped. It's starting to look grotesque.

My gripes with Cho Chang re-surfaced, and suffice to say (since you don't want to hear me going on about this) "Cho Chang" has to be an Oriental name that a white Scottish woman who doesn't know any Orientals would come up with. That's like naming Hogwarts' token Hispanic student "Lopez Gonzalez" and thinking it sounds totally authentically, ethnically awesome. I don't think I would really be complaining if Cho Chang wasn't one of the most boring and irritating characters in the books, right after. . . uh, Harry. I'm of course selectively indignant.

All you need to know, really, is that Neville (my official favorite) is not in the film enough.

So the movie was decent, very much the 5th installment in an ongoing series, and I was that girl in the middle of the theater going "OH MY GOD, Umbridge's shoes are SO cute."
So now that I sound like one of them crazy fangirls (which I'm not, I sware) hopefully I can talk to you about a more serious matter, and that is, with all the politicking and whatnot sweeping the nation, make sure you know who you're voting for, and who you believe in.

If you liked that one, check out this website, too. Make sure to press ctrl+A to see the text. This image was up there earlier (?).


Jim said...

As a white Scottish man, even *I* could have made up a better name than "Cho Chang". I mean, that's like an oriental writer naming a scots character "Kilty McHaggis" or something.

Jim said...

Oh, and swanky new banner & stuff.


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