Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Empire Strikes Back: The Original Radio Drama, Episodes 3-10

Sorry about the delay, pretty Padawans. Enjoy, and thanks for your patience and for continuing to stop by.

[picture source]

& for more geekery, Check out's Casting Call.


Anonymous said...

HURRAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!! . . . the Capn's back at the wheel and the ship's on course - what a relief! . . . thanks for the Empire stuff and just an fyi-watch Big Trouble with the commentary turned on, the addition of the insight provided by Mr. Russell and Mr. Carpenter take the movie to a whole other level. . . kinda.

Jim said...

Have I mentioned recently that you are fantastic?
Hope you carry on avoiding bear attacks and whatnot.

Jim said...

No bear attacks is a good thing.
Missing out on Britpop is also arguably a good thing. I was just the right age for it, and ended up listening to a whole load of shite because of it. Also, yes, incredi-cunts is a great word.


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