Thursday, July 05, 2007


Just wanted to recommend this film real quick. Saw it a few weeks ago at the Nuart and rather enjoyed it. The twist on the zombie genre is that these slow-moving zombies, controlled using technology from the great Zomcon, are now used to fill in manual labor and drone posts, including domestic positions and newspaper routes. The pacing is spot-on and the world that is created has been clearly thought out, from a newsreel that explains how the zombies came to be (The Zombie Wars), to the Returns/Repairs counter at the zombie plant. Very good natured and sweet and fun.

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The Good [all can be viewed at]
  • Fido [is] a wildly entertaining comedy. It has as much humor as horror, and a wonderfully wonky way of making its many cogent social critiques.
  • For a one-joke movie, Fido does a fine job exploring every possible permutation of that joke.
  • It's just a clever, pointed little fable about the price of complacent conformity, slavish worship of the status quo, and trading freedom for the illusion of safety, wrapped in a sugary-sweet, Jordan-almond-colored coating that looks good enough to eat.
  • The cleverness of Fido's concept maintains enough charm to want to disregard that its satire is pretty thin.
The Bad ["]
  • Fido is a one-joke movie with some good performances and a few good gross-out moments. But it’s not dark enough or sick enough to be a cult favorite.
  • The concept is great and the movie has its moments. Just not enough of them.

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ken said...

I really am glad you got to see Fido, honestly I am . . . but at the same time . . . it's just not fair - I've been waiting a year and half to see it!!!! It was scheduled to open nationally this weekend, but it apparently got bumped in most markets for some more important, more entertaining, more better movies and I get to wait for the DVD due this fall . . . sigh¯\(ยบ_o)/¯sigh . . .
On another note, thanks for the stan freberg . . . when I was small, my grandad and I would listen to it together every 4th of July, I haven't thought about that in years . . . Clash stuff is always appreciated and enjoyed!


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