Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Boys of Summer 2007 [the 'girlie' post]

Hi everyone. Haha, well you know that time does move slower in southern California. Sorry about the delay, with special apologies to Comrade Anonymous, Kilty McHaggis, and of course Rhetorical Rabbit.

I used to do this every year on another blog I had that only girls-I-knew read, but it's so fun I figured I'd continue it over here. The list is in no real order, and it's more like those lists that all the magazines do in that it's whoever is in vogue/doing projects at the moment. The difference here is that it's based on whatever I've been watching over the summer. Have fun! If anyone has any suggestions, please share them. I had a friend who wanted me to add Jackie Chan. I couldn't bring myself to do it, but you know I'll be in the theaters when Rush Hour 3 hits.

* denotes a link to a video that you should totally check out

Who: Al Pacino
What? Al-fucken-Pacino
Why: Attica! Attica!*

Who: Will Smith
What? That guy who thinks kids should read Plato's Republic sometime during the first grade [I'm sorry to say that I can't agree with that]. Smart, cute, &-- now we know-- crazy.
Why: Fresh Prince re-runs and the forthcoming I Am Legend. . . MOMMA NO!!**

Who: Matthew Lewis
What? That kid who plays Neville. The poor thing "wears yellow and crooked false teeth, two-sizes-too-big shoes and has plastic bits placed behind his ears in order to make them stick out more." [wikipedia]
Why: He's going to die in the seventh book, I just know it.

Who: Jack Davenport
What? Norrington
Why: Even though he was totally boring and REDEEMED himself [whose idea was that, pray tell] in Pirates 3, he gets a shout out here cos he won't be back for Pirates 4.

Who: Scott Weiland
What? Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver, Camp Freddy
Why? Even though I'm not really into his music (it's fine), him (though he is quite handsome, usually in a scary, emaciated way), or his shiny silver* pants and the way he dances [scary-scary!], the video for "She Builds Quick Machines"* off their new album Libertad has him for a dead ringer of Clint Eastwood's Man With No Name, plus molotov cocktails and exploding gas stations. Hot. I just hope this 3 minute video doesn't turn out to be more exciting than the other chase-n-fight-over-what-fell-from-the-sky release of the summer, Stardust. Cos I didn't see any serapes in the trailer for that movie.

Who: Kurt Russell
Why: I just love him; he seems like a genuinely nice guy. I even saw Sky High cos he was in it.

Who: Cillian Murphy
What? Oh, Cillian.
Why: He's swoon-worthily gorgeous. (And a fantastic actor.* That, too.)

Who: Nomar Garciaparra
What? This 30-second tv spot says it all.* Old rich Asian women love him. [Click on "Nomar Van," first on the left.]
Why: He might be in a slump that has the LATimes touting the oft-used "No More" pun, but he's the most popular jersey amongst the ladies at the games. Please ignore the red striping in the photo.

Who: Justin Timberlake
What?! I know. But as you guys know, I have had a weakness for this kid ever since FutureSex/LoveSounds came out- quite a good record.
Why: My new favorite track, "Lovestoned/I Think She Knows Interlude"* with its lovely ending, is now paired up with a video PLUS Mr Timberlake has just opened a restaurant on the upper East side that may be the place I can finally go for a good pulled pork sandwich without having to wait for an hour outside of Dinosaur BBQ. We'll see. I do love me some pulled pork. And a Po-boy.

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