Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"In five years the Corleone family will be completely legitimate."

I got bored again, but now that I'm done, I'm about to start bashing my head against the keyboard, so I'll be back tomorrow with some Rancid, more wisdom, and the answers to all your questions.

Maybe I should tell the whole story. I got back from work around 4pm and the best I could do was watch television, but all that was on was The Godfather III and some movie about British farm girls during WWII and all they seemed to be doing was eating and taking baths in an old washtub, and I couldn't watch Godfather III because 1) although I count the first 2 films among my favorite films, I haven't seen the third one, so there was no way I was gonna watch it on AMCommercials, and 2) it only took 30 seconds to realize, as others have, that Sofia Coppola should never go in front of the camera again. So that's when I got bored.

But I have to ask. Of the three, which is your favorite Godfather? The family drama of the first, the pathos of fraternal betrayal and crumbling marriage in the second, or the third one, which all I can say starts with a montage as if you decided to go see it without checking out the first two?


Jim said...

Jesus, everything's changed!
Don't worry, I didn't take offense, by this point I'm immune to any scottish & irish stereotyping of any sorts anyway :)
I'd say that I think Rowling is an appauling writer, but if I did I think people would start turning up with flaming torches and pitchforks. That would be quite cool to see, but not to be on the recieving end of.

Oh, and Godfather, dunno why, but I prefer the first to the second. What third one?

Jim said...

While I'm here... The film about British farm girls would be "Land Girls". It is unbelievably dull.

Anonymous said...

aren't they all ONE movie, split into multiple parts ala LOTR?

I enjoyed the first part the most.


Anonymous said...

I agree that they are really just one long movie, but I think they should have skipped part three - it's on the level of a Lifetime movie of the week . . . The first has always been my favorite--Brando is iconic as Vito . . . I like the new layout - at times it almost (((shimmers))) . . . Kate Bush can be an acquired taste, folks generally either like her stuff or despise it - not much middle ground . . . here's a sample of Kate's work - let me know what you think -

b said...

I still can't decide which film I prefer. The first one is of course, classic + Brando, but I love the Fredo storyline in the second. Still, I'm not totally into the Robert DeNiro flashback sequences- after the first time you've seen them, they lose the magic. Consensus seems to be the first, though.

"a Lifetime movie of the week"-haha. Now I'll never "get around" to seeing it.


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