Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I just realized what I should have posted for Halloween.

Which I had plenty of time to do. As I was sitting at home in full costume (okay, every girl with dark bobbed hair's cop-out costume which is more like getting dressed and then rolling your pants up) as Mia Wallace, waiting for my roommate to call me about some party that I decided to go to for the sake of going somewhere (since I wasn't terribly excited about going out that night, thanks to about 800 kids dressed as Spider-man jumping at people on the sidewalk in a full rainstorm) until said roommate, dressed as Lawrence of Arabia (I think?) wandered in dead drunk at 1AM and left the door open and stumbled into his room and fell down. . .

You know, that Mia Wallace costume is harder than it looks. It's a VERY specific shade of lipstick, and I had to mix, like, four colors to approximate it.

Anyway. Zombies don't have tails.

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Northern Jon said...

Its such a classic - A friend of mine went to a party as 'The Alan Partridge Zombie' He had the Biscuits, Kettle wire, everything.


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