Tuesday, December 22, 2009

xmas. break!

I will be heading out to PA, again, for the holidays. It is very cold in that place, and I will most probably not be bringing my broken-ass I-can't-run-on-battery-power laptop with me. So until sometime next week, it will be pretty quiet around here. When I get back, I hope to use the 12 Days of Christmas to do something I've been meaning to for awhile-- posting songs and albums that I always thought I had but never did. Albums and songs I really want to use the opportunity to "get out there" because I think they're worth it. I'll probably be combining that with reposting songs I posted this year that I think are worth the time, like a greatest hits. And I will have put together that movie list by New Year's. Ah, youthful ambition.

But seriously, have a wonderful Christmas and don't slip on that ice. xoxo.

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Jim said...

Happy Christmas B, take care!


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