Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Trifecta of January movies with bigger and better badassness

Was at the bar last night, have now resolved to check if the Giants are playing from now on and then avoiding bars on that night. But they kept showing a trailer with Denzel & Gary Oldman, which reminded me that in the slew of commercials and ads I've been seeing around the city (always seems like more around the holidays, and half of them seem to be large posters of Elvis Costello looking smug), there were 2 that I particularly wanted to check out. Those being Legion and Daybreakers.

I just sat down and flipped through the trailers. They all look terrible. But in a good way, the way Max Payne or those Resident Evil films are terrible, but I had fun. The problem with these types of movies is that they really are aided by a movie-theater presentation, so that the colors and effects and noises are in full force. On a computer screen you really only get the dialogue. And you are hopefully not at the theater for that. I don't know. Might be worth picking some lazy, hungover day to pay the price for one and then hop around til you get them all. It looks like they'll be out around the same time.

Because really, what do they have going for them that's worth $12? Predictable plots, fabulous special effects that mask those predictable plots, people with a lot of guns and other unusual and outlandish weapons who tote snazzy one-liners mostly along the lines of dour statements like, "We're not out of this yet," in all its badass and very serious varieties. I mean, they don't even look that interesting, especially because the trailers rely on BIG things rather than the drama. But I'm a sucker for these kinds of movies, and it's hard to say no when they've also got Denzel, Gary Oldman, Dennis Quaid, Paul Bettany, Willem Defoe, Ethan Hawke, Sam Neill, silly Biblical and occult references, fabulous post-apocalyptic fashion, fabulous faux-atomic 1950s fashion in the case of Daybreakers it looks like, and vampires and angels and angry post-apocalyptic desert denizens, oh my.

Okay, hard to say no if you figure out how to defray that cost.

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