Monday, November 30, 2009


The kids I nanny collect beer bottle caps, which is kind of gross because they keep them all in a jar that smells like our recycling bag, which is full of PBR cans. (ok I think I like Bud- NOT BUDLITE, I'd rather drink Natty Ice--more than PBR. Shame shame. Anyway, I don't drink beer at home anymore. This is my weight loss plan.)

It's interesting to see what kind of beer their father drinks, especially when they kids are driving me crazy and "interesting to see" becomes "this child is annoying me and flaunting beer in front of me when do I get offffff." They are mostly beers I can't afford and don't really like, anyway, ie Magic Hat. (Also, Corona, which I do like, and a lot of Sierra Nevada, which is way out of my price range. The thing about beer is, unlike the orange juice and cheese singles I'm always sneaking from their fridge, people notice if a bottle is gone, and that's some pretty bad work ethics right there, anyway. Despite being bereft on that good old Protestant work ethic, I do have that Catholic fear of being discovered, forcing me to be an honest soul. Though I did use their facewash, once.)

I'm not sure if anybody has actually washed those caps, ever, which I guess is something I should do sometime this week. Anyway, I hope you guys all had a great Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it. I was in freezing cold Lewisburg, PA, pigging out, mostly, including on Shiner straight from Texas (see above photo, Shiner caps for the kids. See how nice I am to small children.)

One thing that I liked about PA-- home of Yuengling, which holds a special place in my heart despite my inability to spell it correctly the first time, ever.

I really want to make sure things start picking up around here soon. I've got some reviews in mind, including the new Star Fucking Hipsters album (so far, eh-bleh, but I need to give it another listen) and a lot of sweet art I've been finding around the interweb. See you soon xoxo!

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