Thursday, December 17, 2009

Perfect Tommy is my Nerd Boyfriend

It's usually hard for me to get into fashion blogs because they tend to be short on good commentary and more about some girl (or 13 year old?!) posing in fabulous outfits while throwing large bills and whatever legal documents go with a trust fund in my face. That's why I look at photoshoots in magazines. Because they're supposed to be breathless expressions of consumption and conspicuous wealth.

Speaking of which, this made me laugh/cry.
It has recently come to our attention that AllSaints, a British clothing company, has come out with a shirt design called the “Williamsburg.” International fame at last! We’re not sure how well the shirt fits its namesake — true, it’s a plaid button down, which fits, but no one we know in Williamsburg pays 120 dollars for plaid button downs.

Yes you do. If I do, you do. Or did they move to Philly? Or do all your friends cap out at $50-$80? (Also, a little irked by the "Laurel Canyon pants declaration. Why not? Shouldn't the post, on a "real"-- fancy looking-- sponsored publication, tell me? Though that's assuming a responsibility that is perhaps overstated in my mind.)

Anyway Ringo, Have a Banana is refreshing in its actual dedication to sharing photos, ideas, and products without constantly featuring the face of the blogger herself. And one of these shared items is a fashion blog that I can really get behind-- Nerd Boyfriend. The site has a simple concept-- post pictures of "nerds" (from Marty McFly to a stupid cute old Billy Wilder) and provide suggestions on how to get what they are wearing. That the site lionizes nerds should make it all too horribly ironic since hipsterdom has been staging raiding parties into the nerd/geek subculture for far too long-- going so far as to WEAR GLASSES WITHOUT LENSES kid on the L train. But the site is so pared down and goal-oriented that it avoids these pitfalls. Each post is about a certain set of items on a certain famous person. Sure, it might encourage these hip cats & their friends to continue dressing like Jack Kerouac instead went to the Engineering school in the 1980s and was bff with Elvis Costello, but what really won me over?

Uh. That they featured Perfect Tommy & told you how to get his fabulous, fabulous checkered jacket-red pants-blue tie combo.

Now that's what I call good taste. Here's another favorite.

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