Friday, July 31, 2009

Spacesick makes stupid cute art that makes me giggle and want to hug things.

Click to check out the cutest organs ever and what really happened to the Venus de Milo. . .Continue reading!

Spacesick's blog features his design work, retro flavored illustrations, animation, and miscellany (including some potential mash-ups.) All of it is great, colorful stuff with sugar-high commentary from the artist, but the two things that have really stuck with me are how fantastically cute the graphics (a lot for t-shirts) are and the sweet "I Can Read Movies" series of book covers.

The book cover designs, taking advantage of old 70s formats of classic Penguin books and the like feature such films as "Dawn of the Dead," "Highlander," and "Sixteen Candles." The designs are precise and simple and oftentimes very funny. A few of my favorites can be found in the post above (up there!)

Spacesick's designs are, again, simple and colorful and cheeky and cheerful; they're hipster tees but they are free from tired irony.

"Organ Rejection," avail. as a t-shirt.

"Infamous mishaps throughout history" collab with artist Aled Lewis, also a t-shirt, also an action figure!

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