Thursday, July 30, 2009

C'est quelqu'un qui m'a dit que tu m'aimais encore

So it seems like Carla Bruni is practically perfect in every way, goddamit, having achieved the equivalent of the princess girls now want to be when they grow up-- a model, musician, political figure of sorts. Of course she is married to a DIRTY OLD MAN (ha! it wasn't the black man) who looks like an evil parrot, but I mean, I guess he's the king of France of something.

Bruni is a mature, classic beauty who makes the pedestrian Megan Foxes of the world look hilariously incompetent, and has an intriguing range of appeals from Audrey Hepburn-esque charm to a Yé-yé girl to what could have been the most gorgeous Bond girl, and she also has a good First Wife face-- approachable, the access point of the public and the media to the halls of power.

About a year or so ago we were favored with current it girl I made up my name by adding extra y's-Agyness Deyn's milquetoast foray into the musical world, and while that was like, uh huh, ok, don't quit your incredibly lucrative day job, Carla Bruni apparently writes her songs and has a wonderful voice. Her albums get lukewarm to positive reviews, and while they are your typical acoustic Chanteuse fare, there's not a lot to criticize because she gets it right and the result is an enjoyable and relaxing listen.

Musically, the tunes range from folk Français to echoes of le jazz hot to bluesy torch numbers. The spare, mostly acoustic instrumentation is unfussy and atmospheric, while the I-couldn't-care-less ambience is occasionally punctuated by chimes, insouciant whistling or an impudent, sly giggle [amazon].

Check out the dulcet "Quelqu'un ma dit (Someone told me)," track 1 off her 2005 debut album of the same name and the cheekier "Le plus beau du quartier." It's almost springtime music, or some mild summer night listening, so it might help you cool down in this nasty heat we've got going.

Carla Bruni - Quelqu'un ma dit

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Carla Bruni - Le Plus Beau du Quartier

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Jim said...

She does a downright gorgeous version of "You Belong To Me". And poses topless, which I enjoy as I am a man who has eyes.


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